The victim of a double break-in said the support he has gained from the community has negated the money and stock stolen from his high street shop.

Richard Howells, owner of The Olive Tree Delicatessen, in Mold, said he was “overwhelmed” by the kind words and actions of the public after thieves forced entry into his property on October 16.

Approximately £100 worth of goods were stolen but, to Mr Howells’s dismay, the property had been “demolished” as all fridge and freezer doors were left open overnight, rendering thousands of pounds worth of cheese, pâté and various dairy produce unfit for selling.

Mr Howells told the Leader after the incident: “They tried to break into the till but there was no cash on the premises. It’s limited stock, but as we are a food premises, thousands of pounds worth has been destroyed.”

Since the day after the break-in, customers and North Wales Police (NWP) officers have “gone out of their way” to show their support to Mr Howell and his business.

He said: “In the days following, we had many visits and phone calls from the police – even unrelated officers – wishing us well.

“We have had a lot of help with follow up security from officers, checking all the systems are up to scratch and working fine.

“One sergeant, who knows me through Shopwatch, went out of their way to make sure I was all right.

“Mold Town Mayor Bob Gaffey has come in to show his support too.

“One regular customer bought in a box of biscuits for the staff, and another lovely customer offered to clean up, saying she would put on her marigolds to help tidy the shop.”

Mr Howells said the concern from customers to “see if I was okay personally” meant a great deal to himself.

He said: “It’s less about material aspects – everyone was just wishing me well.

“The one thing from this whole experience is understanding where we fit in the community.

“To have the number of people coming in and wishing us well makes you feel like you have a value and that we’ve integrated into the town.

“A massive thank you goes to everyone for their overwhelming support.”