A TOWN is temporarily without a Christmas tree after it was vandalised.

The Christmas tree in Wepre Road, Connah’s Quay has been removed after an incident of vandalism overnight.

Via a post on the Connah’s Quay Town Council Facebook page, a spokesman for the council said: “Whilst our tree was not to everyone’s liking - some mindless vandals have damaged it beyond repair overnight.

”There is no excuse for this idiotic behaviour - now there is nothing there.”

The Facebook post prompted a string of responses including one from town councillor Chris Risly who said: ”It’s the sentiment that’s important. If we had an unlimited budget we would have the biggest tree you could imagine.

”We as a council have committed to having a tree in different parts of the town. But mindless acts of vandalism will simply put a stop to it all.

”We could have put barriers around the tree but we felt the people of our town would prefer without. Although this one act of stupidity does not reflect the the people of the town.”