A Flintshire landmark has had to turn away visitors due to dangerous levels of rainwater.

Flint Town Mayor Vicky Perfect, who is also Keeper of the Keys of Flint Castle, was forced to close the grounds on Sunday morning.

She said that it would not be safe for tourists to enter the castle after “unpredictable” amounts of rainfall had fallen over the past couple of days.

Cllr Perfect said: “I walked around the castle today and there was water still in the grass, which wasn’t going down.

“There is still a little channel of water inside the castle which has been clogged up since the bad weather began.

“I haven’t seen it this bad in the channels as it is today. I was going to open it to the public again but it was too dangerous, so I will have to give it another couple of days.”

Although Cllr Perfect is disheartened that visitors cannot enter the castle this week, she was able to laugh about the architects in 1277 who “didn’t fit the drainage” for this “freak weather.”