A carer was knocked out by a resident at a Flintshire home.

The victim was kicked in the back and pushed and when she fell she hit her head on a concrete floor, it was alleged.

She lost consciousness and the next thing she recalled was being woken up by colleagues.

David Frederick, 43, who was being held under the Mental Health Act at Coed Du Hall Nursing Home at Nant Alyn Road, Rhydymwyn, near Mold, admitted assaulting carer Angela Killa on September 19.

District judge Gwyn Jones, sitting at Flintshire Magistrates Court, said that it was an “extremely unpleasant” incident where he assaulted a member of staff.

“It is quite clear that as a result of your actions, that member of staff was hurt badly,” he said, adding Frederick had to accept responsibility for that.

The judge said that ordinarily the court would have to consider other sentencing options but the circumstances were unusual.

Frederick was fined £120 with £85 costs and an £85 surcharge. He was ordered to pay his victim £500 compensation.

Prosecutor Rhian Jackson said Frederick had a previous conviction for assaulting a carer in similar circumstances.

He moved to Coed Du in June and the complainant was a carer involved in one-to-one care of the defendant.

The Mold court heard that at 11pm Frederick had a cigarette and when he had finished they returned into the building but he was verbally abusive and called the carer names.

He asked that she walk ahead of him, fearing for her safety if she refused, and it was alleged he began to kick her her legs.

Ms Killa then felt a sharp pain to the back to the area of her kidneys.

He kicked her to the back, she was pushed over and she banged her head on the concrete floor.

The next thing she recalled was being woken up by other staff members.

She visited her GP the following day and she had bruising to her eye and back.

Interviewed, Frederick admitted kicking her while she was standing but denied kicking her in the back. He said he could not lift his leg high enough.

Frederick had previous convictions for 22 offences including a previous assault on a mental health worker.

Victoria Evans, defending, said Frederick had previously suffered a brain injury and since then had lived in supported accommodation.

He had lived for a considerable time in supported accommodation in Preston, Lancashire and this year moved to Coed Du.

She said Frederick was making good progress but his brain injury made him very impulsive.

Miss Evans said Frederick got on well with his support worker.

He remained on one-to-one care at the same establishment but the complainant was no longer his carer.

However they continued to see each other and she would say hello to him, said Miss Evans.