The dumping of four large kitchen appliances on a quiet country lane has left residents puzzled.

Glyn Coleclough found one fridge and three large freezers in the middle of the road near their family farm in The Nant, near Holywell.

He said: “Someone text me saying someone had tipped something in the middle of the road in The Nant. I thought I’d go around and see if it’s in the gateway where we get stuff dumped sometimes.

“I came up the lane in my pick-up but someone must have pushed the freezers to one side and carried on going down the lane. They were in the middle of the lane right at the end of our yard.

“They haven’t made any effort to get rid of it. I think they must have been paid to take the freezers away from somewhere because they seem to be semi-industrial, with ice cream sale stickers on them.”

Mr Coleclough said he looked at the farm’s CCTV at around 5pm on Wednesday, November 22, and saw a pick up fully loaded with items but could not see any identifiable writing or registration plate.

He added: “It’s a narrow lane and drivers have had to squeeze past it. The council said they would send someone out to get rid of it but that was all we got. You don’t know whether it could take weeks.”

Flintshire Council spokesman said: “The council has no record of this reported fly tip but we will be visiting the site immediately to inspect and organise removal of any fly tipped items.”