A jealous and paranoid young man who could not cope when his relationship ended has been jailed for 34 months.

Connor Griffiths, 22, of Wrexham, had been involved in two separate incidents.

In one he kicked his ex-girlfriend’s new partner to the floor and bit him on the back.

In another he produced a knife and threatened to kill people.

Mold Crown Court heard how he hurled abuse at his former partner Bryony Williams and her new boyfriend – and then entered her home and attacked him late at night.

The victim got up in the dark when he realised that his tobacco had been taken from his bedside cabinet and went to look for it.

But he was kicked to the floor, kneed in the head and he then felt a bite mark to his upper back.

On another occasion Griffiths went to the home of his partner where she was with friends and got a knife from the kitchen.

Barrister Sion ap Mihangel, prosecuting, told how he went towards his ex with the knife, a friend went to protect her, but Griffiths made a slashing and stabbing motion with the knife as the victim tried to protect himself, causing cuts to his hand.

He threatened to “kill them all” and brandished the 10ins knife at his ex.

Griffiths was described as angry and aggressive and waved the knife. When another woman intervened she was punched in the face

Griffiths held his former partner by the throat, spat at her and ran the blade of the knife across her throat, leaving a mark.

Griffiths was arrested hiding in a shed where he was said to have drunk a quantity of weed killer in an effort to harm himself.

Judge Nicolas Parry said over a period of four-and-a-half months Griffiths “lost all control of his senses” when he was unable to accept that his former partner, the mother of his young child, had moved on with her life.

In February he had been given a chance of a suspended sentence for assaulting his former partner.

A restraining order had been made and the later offending all occurred in breach of that court order.

He had breached that order with disgusting abuse directed at her and her new partner. In May he committed the most serious offence when at 2am he entered her house and attacked her partner, kicking and biting him.

Then within a short period of time he breached the order again – this time entering her home and using a knife to threaten to kill and to injure people. Three people were assaulted.

Griffiths was fortunate not to have been charged with aggravated burglary, the judge said.

Griffiths, of Y Wern, Caia Park, admitted breaching the restraining order and four charges of assault and was jailed for a total of 34 months.

A fresh five-year restraining order was made.

Robert Edwards, defending, said all the offences arose out of the break-up of his relationship. He was ashamed of his behaviour.

The defendant suffered ADHD for which he did not take medication, together with depression and anxiety.

He believed himself to be still in a relationship with Miss Williams given the letters and phone calls he had received while in custody.

Mr Edwards claimed Griffiths had been receiving mixed messages about the relationship.

The incident with the knife occurred when he went to her home in the early hours because he was concerned for his son – and it was his perception that a party was going on and that alcohol and drugs were being taken.

He reacted in a wholly inappropriate way, but did not have the skills or the ability to step back and deal with any issues properly.

The defendant was at an all-time low, did not know how to make things better, and had taken weedkiller in an attempt to take his own life.

While in custody he himself had been the victim of an attempted stabbing and bore the marks and scars.

“He now realised what it is like to be a helpless victim,” said Mr Edwards.

The defendant was using his time in custody well and appreciated that he needed to tackle the issues which caused paranoia and jealousy.

Following the sentencing Det Sgt Anne-Louise Jones at Wrexham CID said: “I hope today’s sentencing brings some degree of justice to his victim and encourages other victims of domestic abuse to come forward.

“Domestic Abuse is a crime and with our partners we will do all we can to eradicate it from our communities and vigorously pursue those who commit these acts.

“Griffiths will now have plenty of time to consider his future behaviour.”