A thriving community centre was wrongly earmarked for demolition under Wrexham Council’s budget cut proposals.

The error only came to light when residents in Penycae realised their community centre was one of three listed for demolition, despite it being home to a playgroup and other community activities.

The demolition was planned as part of budget cuts designed to save the council money.

The Difficult Decisions paper claimed that the three community centres were not in use and demolishing them would save on rates.

Cllr Marc Jones, leader of the Plaid Cymru group on Wrexham Council, said: “The Difficult Decisions proposals by haven't been scrutinised by all councillors and many of the savings are one liners with few details.

“That’s why we felt it was important that councillors had the chance to scrutinise the proposals in detail, and this error vindicates that decision.

“I'm very glad sharp-eyed residents in Penycae realised there was a mistake and we can ensure that this cut is taken out of the budget."

Plaid Cymru councillors have successfully argued for the council's various scrutiny committees to look in detail at the planned cutbacks.

Cllr Jones added: "There are other areas where we have concerns that proposals will not, in fact, deliver savings.

“Once we've seen the detail, we can present alternatives.”

Wrexham Council declined to comment.