Wrexham supporters have landed their club with hefty fines following a league visit to Tranmere Rovers in September.

Following a FAW Disciplinary Panel hearing held recently following Wrexham AFC’s league visit to Tranmere Rovers on September 23, the club has been fined a total of £1,650.

For the release of a smoke bomb, a £500 was given and a suspended sentence of £400 from a Chester match last season was triggered.

Wrexham was also fined £500 for a bottle and seat back which was thrown on the pitch. And for a pitch invasion, after previous warnings after a Maidenhead away match, fines of £250 were given.

Following on from these fines, Wrexham also has an additional charge with letting off another smoke bomb at Chester after Shaun Pearson’s goal.

The official wording from the disciplinary panel is as follows: “Wrexham AFC is hereby charged with the Disciplinary Offence as set out under FAW Rule 38.1.15, in that its supporter(s) allegedly had in their possession a firework, flare, smoke bomb or other pyrotechnic device and/or ignited or otherwise set off a firework, flare, smoke bomb or other pyrotechnic device during the National League match between Chester and Wrexham on 8 November 2017.”

Under FAW rules, the responsibility for the actions of supporters falls on their club, rather than taking action against individuals.

Wrexham is now at a stage where further infringements of FAW rules will result in similar charges and the hefty fines that automatically accompany them.

A spokesman said: “We are in the process of asking supporters to raise funds for manager Dean Keates’ budget and so many people are rallying to that call to sell raffle tickets or donate their hard-earned cash – on the other hand certain individuals are costing the club thousands of pounds through anti-social and illegal actions.”

According to the spokesman, the police are looking at three-football banning orders following the Tranmere Rovers fixture and fixed noticed penalties have been handed to another people. 

He added: “We thank all our genuine supporters for their great support of the club on our travels, it has been outstanding, but we are now at a point where we need to be routing out these individuals before they do further damage to your football club.

”If you see such anti-social actions taking place, we are not asking you to tackle the culprits but to pass on this information to either stewards or police officers. Any video footage or photographs would also be useful, but we are asking please do not put yourself in a position of risk.

”After the Chester game, we were contacted by the mother of an 11-year-old who needed medical treatment at the match, after inhaling fumes from the smoke bomb.

”Just another example of the side effects of these actions, which are considered by some as ‘adding atmosphere’ but in reality have other consequences for both the club and fellow supporters.

”It is time for this behaviour to stop.”

The club's director, Spencer Harris, said on Twitter: "If you know who these people are persuade them to stop. There is another fine coming from the Chester match that likely will take our fines over £2,000. That is money just chucked away and impacts what we can spend on the team. To put in context, we have to sell over 100 replica shirts to earn that amount.

"So many people give up their time and donate willingly to try and get us back into the football league and just a very small minority of people are impacting on this. It's your club; let's have a culture where this is unacceptable."