Residents are angry the authorities appear to have failed to clamp down on speeding on a road branded “notorious for killing people”.

According to Elvina Hatchett from Bagillt, speeding along the main road at Riverbank in Bagillt is an ongoing concern – despite many casualties, and even fatalities, over the years.

Mrs Hatchett, who says she has witnessed “too many” road accidents in her lifetime as a Bagillt resident, told the Leader the road has a reputation for dangerous driving and is adamant she wants the long downhill B-road “recognised as a huge death trap”.

She said: “I’ve been living here since I was a young girl. We’re going back a long time, but that road is notorious for killing people.”

Mrs Hatchett recalled a schoolfriend dying more than 40 years ago after being hit by a car.

A short time afterwards, there would be another serious collision.

“I saw something flying up in the air and it was later explained that was an old lady who had been knocked,” she said.

She claimed one of her dogs was killed by a speeding car, while others had been struck by vehicles and badly injured.

Mrs Hatchett also said her nephew was knocked over and left the family fearing for his life.

She said: “We had to drive him to what was then the Old Cottage Hospital and he kept drifting in and out of consciousness. They said I saved his life because I just kept pressure on his head.”

The most horrific incident Mrs Hatchett remembers was in the early 2000s on the road at Riverbank, saying a six-year-old boy was killed when struck by a car moments after being hit by another vehicle.

Mrs Hatchett fears “one day another life will be taken” by the cars that she believes are reaching speeds 70mph, “day and night”.

She said: “It’s terrifying. Cars are getting smashed and it’s honestly like Heathrow Airport here – the cars are ready to take off.

“The noise is scary and it’s just a matter of time before someone else gets killed.”

Mrs Hatchett said she wrote to Delyn MP David Hanson more than two years ago about her concerns over speeding cars.

“I’ve protested, myself and others blocking the road off, but we were moved,” she said.

”We’ve had the council down here but all they ever do is rub salt in the wound. All they did was put up a stupid sign that is useless and up the speed from 30mph to 50mph.”

Mrs Hatchett hopes the authorities install speed bumps along the top road near Riverbank, like they have in Bagillt village.

She said: “We would be up in arms with happiness if they put in ramps, and created a one way system on the top road.

“We call this the blink city and the forgotten town because people drive past and forget about it. I’ve seen enough to last a lifetime and now something must be done for the town that is always forgotten.”

Kayleigh Smith, a mother-of-two from Riverbank, also fears for her children and other pedestrian’s safety after witnessing too many carss travelling at excessive speed.

Ms Smith said: “Every hour, I see cars going past at 70mph or 80mph.

“It’s not just one a day, it’s one in 20 cars.”

Ms Smith’s main concern is the children in the area as it is said to be full of youngsters who often walk around the village.

She said: “I won’t let my children go out anymore because of speeding cars. It’s a dampen on children not going out, but you can’t say as a mum ‘I’m coming to meet your friends with you.’

“What I was told was cars don’t have to stop at a zebra crossing unless the pedestrian has committed to crossing.

“How would kids even know what that is?

“The road is just like a racetrack.”

Steve Jones, chief officer Streetscene and transportation, said: “Flintshire Council take the matter of speeding very seriously and will work closely with North Wales Police and the local community to address this issue by methods of enforcement and education for drivers.’’