A dedicated group underwent a gruelling grooming treatment in memory of their “best friend” who died from a rare type of bone cancer earlier this year.

Eleven close male friends of Jordan Giddins, also known as ‘Giddo,’ volunteered to have their legs waxed as part of a fundraising appeal in his memory.

Giddo was diagnosed with the rare blood disease hemophagocytic lymphohistio-cytosis (HLH) at age 11 and was cleared following a bone-marrow transplant donated by his sister, Beth Giddins, in 2011.

In 2015, a life-changing scan revealed that Giddo was then suffering from Ewings Sarcoma, a rare form of bone and soft tissue cancer.

After a long yet determined battle with the illness, Giddo died on April 27, 2017.

In his memory, his nearest and dearest set up an appeal named ‘Giddo’s Gift,’ which hopes to receive its official charity status and number in the new year.

Events for Giddo’s Gift help raise funds to provide teenagers who are suffering with cancer with forms of reprieve, such as arranged days out, new laptops or other entertainment devices.

Ieuan Rowe, 19, from Flint, was a close friend of Giddo’s and was more than ready to take on the painful leg wax in what he said was: “It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this.”

Tom Collins, Tom McAlea, Fin Nicholson, Luke Davies, Danny Mac, Shay Davies, Iain Jones, Ade Bianco and Sam Welch, who are all former Flint High students where Giddo also attended, had their legs waxed for the first time at the Feel Good Factor beauty salon in Flint on Saturday.

Ieuan and Leon DeBoer, from Flint, had their legs waxed on Thursday due to other commitments over the weekend.

Ieuan said: “It was the first time I did it and it hurt a lot more than I anticipated. But it was nothing compared to what Giddo went through. It was well worth it to raise money.

“I bet Giddo was looking down laughing at us the whole time.

“Eleven of us lads had our legs waxed and some of them said it hurt a lot more than they thought but some lads had it done and said it didn’t even hurt.”

Ieuan estimates that each friend raised over £100, and that the final sum from this event was over £1,000.

Ieuan, a University of Chester student, is taking fundraising one step further as he competes in the London Marathon 2018 in aid of Giddo’s Gift.

He said: “I decided to do the London Marathon because although I play football and am generally fit, this will be a challenge. It’s the biggest event of the year to fundraise for.

“Giddo would call me mad and say I’d never do it, because we used to eat loads of takeaways together.

“Myself, I want to do lots of physical things to fundraise. I’m feeling busy, but it’s all worth it.”