A school has invested in a life-saving piece of equipment it hopes it never has to use.

Parents at Ysgol Derwenfa, in Leeswood, went the extra mile to generate funds for defibrillators to be installed at the school and in the community centre on King Street.

Staff, teachers and pupils at the school have undergone training with the defibrillator, that headteacher Andrew Jones said he hopes they never have to call upon.

He said: “There was fundraising by our parents to raise money for there to be defibrillators installed in school and the community centre.

“We then had the team from Welsh Hearts to undertake some training and deliver a presentation to the children.”

Led by Nick Aitken, North Wales fundraising manager for Welsh Hearts, staff and teachers were taught how to use the defibrillator in a situation involving CPR, while youngsters were told how the kit works and why it is used.

Mr Jones said: “People now know that this defibrillator is here at school and if something happens in the community or nearby, it could theoretically be used to save a life if needs be.

“Hopefully, we’ll never need to use it.”

The headteacher added how impressed he was by the pupils’ response to the training.

“The children really enjoyed it, took it on board and it gives them the knowledge of what to do if they are ever found in that situation,” he said.