Elections have been held for seats made vacant on Flintshire County Council and Buckley Town Council following the death of the late Buckley Labour councillor Ron Hampson.

Andy Williams (pictured), already a Buckley town councillor, has now been elected to serve on Flintshire Council as well while Labour colleague Ian Howes has been elected to serve on the town council.

BUCKLEY Bistre West Ward of Flintshire Council

*Andy Williams (Welsh Labour) - 398

Jeanne Hutchinson (Independent) - 110

Martyn Tiere (Independent) - 86

Gren James (Welsh Liberal Democrats) - 85

Louis Fox (Welsh Conservative Party) - 59

Majority: 288

Turnout: 23.2 per cent

Labour hold

BISTRE West Ward on Buckley Town Council

*Ian Howes (Welsh Labour) - 424

Gren James (Welsh Liberal Democrats) - 275

Majority: 149

Turnout: 22.3 per cent

Labour hold