Family, friends and neighbours of a Flintshire boy who died from a rare form of bone cancer,  gathered in his memory at a charity afternoon tea.

Jordan Giddins, known as ‘Giddo’, was a popular football fan from Flint who was diagnosed with hemophagocytic lymphohistio-cytosis (HLH) at age 11, and underwent gruelling therapy to battle his illness.

Despite receiving a bone marrow transplant from his sister Beth in 2011, four years later Giddo was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma after discovering a tennis ball-sized tumor on his rib cage.

He spent 150 nights in hospital, received 48 blood transfusions, 10 hours of surgery and spent 10 weeks in America to fight the bone cancer.

But after constant treatment and according to his mum Mandy Giddins “fighting right until the end,” Jordan died
on April 27 this year.

In memory of his “grateful” attitutde towards kind donations made by family and dedicated Flint people, Giddo’s family hosted an afternoon tea at the Venue Armoury in Flint on Sunday.

The room was covered in blue banners and balloons in memory of Giddo and his favourite football team, Manchester City.

Cakes were donated from members of the public and Morrisons from Connah’s Quay donated some food which “all helps,” according to Steph Rowe, who helped organise the event.

She said: “It was a fantastic day with a really great atmosphere. We served around 140 throughout the day from 12.15pm to 4pm.

“There was plenty of food and there’s still some left over. All the cakes were donated and homemade and there was more than enough.

“It was a community effort and everyone helped. People got in contact with us and said they could have this type of cake made for us. We just want to keep Giddo’s memory going, and want to say a massive thank you for all the support shown to Mandy and Paul, Jord’s mum and dad.

“It was heartwarming that people of all ages turned up.”

A “fantastic” total of over £1,500 was raised during this one afternoon sitting.

The event was part of ‘Giddo’s Gift,’ a project set up by his family and supported by friends which fundraises for young cancer sufferers.

Steph said: “We set up a new charity called ‘Giddo’s Gift’ and in the next few months we will become an accredited charity with a number.

“In the new year, we’ll set out the criteria that will enable people to apply for help. They can apply or be referred  through their nurses or carers.

“We decide whether we can supply them with a laptop, or organise a day out – anything to put a smile on their faces.”

This project is a way to remember the fun-loving Giddo, while helping others who are in a similar situation to what Giddo experienced throughout his illness.

Giddo’s school friends are showing their support at a sponsored wax at The  Feelgood Factor in Flint on Saturday.

There will also be a Christmas craft fair at Venue Armoury in Flint on Sunday, November 19. Admission is free and the event will be held between 11am-3pm.

To donate or support the charity, contact giddosgift@, and Steph asks people to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ Giddo’s Gift on Facebook.