A PETITION has been launched by residents and business owners to save a historic town market.

The future of Flint Market is in the balance after a meeting between the town council and Niall Waller, the enterprise and regeneration manager at Flintshire Council.

Talks centred around the dwindling number of market stalls on Flint’s usually car-heavy Church Street, with closure an option.

Town mayor Vicky Perfect agreed any decision to close the previously popular weekly market would be a difficult one – as it carries much historical and cultural significance.

According to trade owners, a petition was instigated on Friday morning in a bid to save the near 800-year-old market.

Sue Turner, who is a member of the Flint Historical society said: “I don’t think closing the market is right at all.

“There was a charter granting the market here and it’s part of Flint’s heritage – a big part of its heritage, actually.

“Unfortunately it has dwindled over the years but that doesn’t mean it can’t be reinvigorated." 

Flint residents and traders shared with the Leader their own opinions on the recent discussions and undecided plans amongst officials.

Steve Branney, also known as ‘Steve Sweets,’ sells sweets and eggs at Flint Market.

Having worked as a market trader for 35 years, he believes it should stay open.

He said: “We’ve started a petition this morning and people in the church are helping with signatures.

“The market’s been here for 739 years so why do they want to close it now? I’ve been a trader for 35 years and have been on this market since it reopened. 

“It looks quiet today but I’ve got good customers who come here every single week. I could go to other markets on a Friday but I don’t want to because I do quite well here.

“I know most of my customers by name – and they are the most loyal I have.”

Dick Lacey is a loyal customer who will miss the easily accessible market should the council plan to remove it from the town altogether.

He said: “I use the market every week, particularly the vegetable stall. I’ve used the market for many, many years.

“The market traders are very pleasant and they should be given the chance to earn their livelihoods as well.”

Councillors will attempt to work towards a definite position at the next Town Council meeting held later this month.