A TOWN’S Christmas lighting is going green – but not in colour.

Mold Town Council is beginning a significant overhaul of its Christmas decorations which will improve the quality of their performance and make them more sustainable.

A major £20,000 investment is being made to carry out the upgrade, starting with the Christmas lights, and an emphasis on ensuring they are greener and more environmentally friendly.

At a meeting of the town council, town centre manager Dave Hill said the decorations were “in a bit of a sorry state last year”, before he gave an update on the five-figure investment.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Hill said environmental concerns were as much a factor as the need to improve the current lighting, starting with new, long-lasting LED bulbs.

“We are actually at the start of the process, the name of the game of which is to be greener and safer,” he said.

“The wires going across the street and other infrastructure such as the electricial supply were not performing as well as they should be, and are a bit past their sell-by date so we are investing in that.

“We are purchasing LED bulbs for the lights which are longer lasting and run on less than 10 per cent of the power the current bulbs burn through.”

He added: “We are going down the green route but it will take place over a number of years.

“Some of the other towns spend a fortune on this and that but we are taking it stage by stage, and we have an investment plan in place to develop the lighting over the next five years or so.

“There will be some new decorations but the main improvement will be in the quality of the lights and hopefully the community will notice the difference when they are up and running.”

This year’s Mold Christmas lights switch-on will take place on Tuesday, November 28 at Daniel Owen Square from 3.45pm to 7pm.

They will once again be turned on by Father Christmas and there will also be a fun fair on the High Street, with the local junior and high schools invited to sing from 3.45pm on Earl Road.