A SPECIAL operation has seen
27 people arrested as police cut off the supply of illegal drugs to Mold.

Inspector Darren Whibberley told members of Mold Town Council at this month’s meeting that Operation Luxuries had been successful in stemming the flow of drugs into the town.

He said police had recently raided a storage unit on Gas Lane and found cannabis and white powder which is likely to be M-Cat, and two people have been arrested.

Insp Whibberley said: “Op Luxuries has now concluded.

“It generated 174 intelligence reports, 14 warrants were issued. We seized cash, mobile phones which we felt were key to what was happening, controlled drugs, weapons and blades.

“We have made 27 arrests, within Mold itself and further arrests in Merseyside.”

Insp Whibberley added that although the operation had finished, a new one titled Operation Blake had begun, to “take out the key players” as officers did not want to “leave a vacuum” for other dealers to take their place.

Police have found dealers have been targeting vulnerable people or those in their debt to use their property to deal from.

He said: “The feedback we have had from drug users is that organised crime is reluctant to come into Mold because we’re on to them.

“We don’t want to take our eye off the ball but we might have to re-focus some of our efforts on Buckley.”

Mold East ward Cllr Andrea Mearns asked about the level of awareness of young people and their parents about drugs in the town.

Insp Whibberley said that it was older people rather than young people responsible for dealing, as other councillors wondered whether more work needed to be done with schools.

In an update on other issues, Insp Whibberley said there had been blip recently with the theft of car badges from vehicles across Mold.

He said that youths aged between eight and 14 had been arrested.

Anti-social behaviour has fallen in the Mold West, Mold East and Broncoed areas, while discussions are taking place with town centre stores about prevention of shoplifting.

The town council is also looking to fund some moveable CCTV cameras.

Insp Whibberley said: “We are always fighting to get more. They are very useful as a deterrent and in capturing evidence.”