Hundreds of pounds have been pledged to elderly victims of a distraction burglary.

North Wales Police confirmed that two men posing as police officers entered the home of an elderly couple in Watts Dyke, Llay on Monday evening and stole a substantial quantity of cash.

At a meeting of Llay Community Council on Wednesday, community councillor Janet Osborne told colleagues that a crowdfunding page was set up on Tuesday night in aid of the couple.

The page, on Justgiving, has so far raised more than £350.

In a statement on the page, Cllr Osborne said: “I have created this crowdfunding page to raise some funds in order to show the victims of this despicable crime that the community care enough to rally together to try and raise some money to replace some of the amount stolen.”

Speaking of the response, Cllr Osborne told the Leader after the meeting: “People are obviously keen to help. It is nice that we as a community are able to help.”

PCSO Andy Harris reiterated police advice in relation to cold callers at the meeting, stating that if in doubt residents should not let people into their homes.

A resident of Ffordd Gryffydd, who did not want to be named, told the meeting she lived close to where the incident happened and said she felt more needed to be done to get the message of caution to older residents who don’t use social media or the internet.

Speaking to PCSO Harris, she said: “It is really concerning that someone singled them out, I felt really sorry for them.

“They’re not of that age range that use social media – we probably need to look at something they can relate to.

“Something needs to be done in this village – the crime is getting worse. I’m not blaming anyone but you can’t be everywhere.”

Cllr Dennis Owen, vice chairman of the community council, suggested the creation of a leaflet with advice to be posted out across the village giving advice on cold callers, which members agreed was a good idea.

He said: “The clocks change in a week’s time – we need to get it out there as quickly as possible.”

Cllr Bryan Apsley, community council chairman, said: “I am sure that between us we can cover the village quickly in getting leaflets out to everyone.”

Cllr Rob Walsh said: “Having been someone who has gone round the village and knocked on doors – what surprises me more than anything is it is often the elderly who are the most trusting.

“I have knocked on doors of people who have never met me and invite me in for a coffee.

“We need to make sure they are aware there are some dodgy people out there who don’t have their best interest at heart.”

But Cllr John O’Keefe warned against spreading alarm. He said: “It is alright putting leaflets out but we don’t want elderly people in the village frightened to death thinking there is someone going to mug them.”

PCSO Harris said: “If anyone comes to your door, if in doubt don’t let them in. If you do open the door don’t be letting anyone into the property. If you are concerned call a neighbour or call us and we’ll come round.

“If it is someone who is, as in this incident, saying they are the police – this person was in a fluorescent jacket with police written on it.

“Our kit does stand out but the one thing we all do carry is our warrant card – if anyone does have any concerns there is no issue in asking to see our warrant card and that has all our details on.”

One suspect is described as tall, in his 30s, and of large build. He was wearing a black woolly jumper, a peaked cap and a yellow hi-viz jacket.

The other male is described as in his 20s, slim and about 5ft 6ins tall. He had a moustache and was wearing a black hoodie and black trousers.

DI Mark Hughes said; “This was a particularly mean crime committed against an elderly couple in their own home. We are keen to hear from any witnesses or anyone who may know who these suspects are, to contact us on 101 quoting reference V157593.”

Police confirmed yesterday that no arrests had been made and enquiries are ongoing.

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