Thieves targeted two high street shops in one night, causing thousands of pounds in damage and from loss at both premises.

Mold High Street was the hotspot of a double burglary on Monday evening, October 16, after thieves forced entry into the Pound Bakery store, and the Olive Tree delicatessen.

North Wales Police have issued an appeal for witnesses of any suspicious persons or vehicles seen in the area. They added that the offenders entered both properties via the roof and stole items from both stores.

Richard Howells, Olive Tree owner and staff member Megan Wainwright, 17, found the premises “demolished” with all glass counters, fridge and freezer doors left wide open.

Mr Howells reported that his fresh food stock, which includes gourmet pâté, cheese, sliced meats and ice creams, were all deemed unfit for sale as the foods had been exposed and tampered with.

He said: “All I know is that they came in through the roof at around midnight and that I’ve been done over.

“They tried to break into the till but there was no cash on the premises. It’s limited stock, but as we are a food premises, thousands of pounds worth has been destroyed.

“They had opened all the fridges, where produce was worth a couple of grand, and was only delivered a week ago.

“All they took was three bottles of Penderyn Whiskey – worth about a hundred quid – and a bottle of gin, but have opened absolutely everything.

“I’ve had to bin all my ice cream, pâté, sausage rolls and quiches. We will be sanitizing the shop from top to bottom today and tomorrow and will try and get some replacement stock in by tomorrow.”

Mr Howells is now eager to get things back to normal as soon as possible after being forced to shut the shop today to restore order, cleanliness and fresh stock.

He said: “Stock can be replaced but unfortunately insurance can’t cover my customers’ expectations.

“The police and customer response has been fantastic and we are very grateful. Customers have been to the door to ask how I am and offer if there is anything they can do.

“North Wales Police have been very supportive, especially PC Ian Pearsons, CID Ross Tutton and the forensics team. They have been lovely, bless them.”

Staff believe this attack was not personal, and Mr Howells added: “I didn’t think we would be susceptible or targets of such a crime. I just didn’t think we were vulnerable.”

Mr Howells felt that the thieves had “hit” his store with the expectation of cash, and moved on to the Pound Bakery store after they “didn’t find what they were looking for here”.

The extensive damage to the Pound Bakery shop was first noted by the delivery driver, who saw the havoc on the roof tiles at around 3am on Tuesday, October 17.

Area manager Sarah Simpson said: “There was no ceiling on the roof and there was extensive damage to the rear of the property.

“They had also made away with the safe, and probably hundreds of pounds more worth of produce damage which we won’t know until we make the weekly inventory on Friday.

“This is the first time something like this has happened here. It’s still under investigation and we are in the capable hands of the authorities.

“We are still busy at the moment.

“We weren’t open until lunch time due to the damage which has now been repaired, and thanks to all the hard work from our team.

“We are lucky we sell fresh produce as there wouldn’t be much damage to the stock, but the amount of damage to the store was unbelievable.”

Anyone with information regarding these crimes can contact 101, quoting reference number V157768.