TOWN leaders believe their roads would win the title of ‘worst in the county’.

Buckley councillors Carol Ellis, Dave Ellis and Dennis Hutchinson say they believe, for potholes and divots, the town’s roads are in the poorest state of any in Flintshire.

At a meeting of the town council, Buckley Mountain ward county councillor Carol Ellis said if money was being earmarked for opening up the high street to traffic, it would be better spent on roads that are of a ‘third world’ standard.

Speaking afterwards, she said she has long been pushing for work to be done, but understands finances are tight.

She said: “It’s something I feel very strongly about.

“I’ve met with our MP (Mark Tami) to try and bring forward some improvements and he agrees with me.

“Buckley is generally on an upturn at the moment, but if I were a developer I would be put off by the potholes and divots, and some of the side roads are dreadful.

“The priority is the main roads though, the Mold Road as you get towards the petrol station, Liverpool Road as you come in from Ewloe, Mill Road, take your pick, my God they are a disgrace.

“And you’ve also got the toll the bin wagons are taking on them too.

“They’ve been bad for years, but I’m not naive, I know there’s not loads of money around, but when they are going to be resurfaced, I just don’t know.”

Fellow Buckley Mountain Cllr Dave Ellis added: “I think Mold Road in particular is a disgrace.

“I know they have been assessed by Flintshire Council in the past and when I was chair of highways it was something I pushed.

“They have been repaired a lot over the years but you can only repair them to a certain standard, they need fully resurfacing.”

Cllr Dennis Hutchinson, who represents the Pentrobin ward, highlighted the bottom of Church Road South as being particularly bad and said he was in talks with Flintshire Council’s Streetscene about it.

He said: “They seem to do other roads in the county for fun but we have roads equally as bad or worse.

“Drury Lane is particularly bad, as is the Mill Lane junction with Linthorpe Road.

“Roads in my ward like Lane End, Higher Common Road are not very good and it’s time they were done.”