A disabled choir singer has called for better taxi provision for wheelchair users after she would have been left stranded had it not been for the kindness of her friends

Liane Best’s electric wheelchair broke following a Wrexham Community Choir practice session at Undegun on Tuesday night.

She called around taxi firms but found none of them had a suitable vehicle which could take her and her wheelchair back home to Talbot Road.

Thankfully, Liane’s fellow choir members stepped in to help.

But now she is urging the town’s taxi firms to do more to ensure disabled people are able to access services if they are needed.

She said: “A lot of the time, you can only get a taxi suitable for disabled people during the day. I think it is absolutely disgusting.

”Luckily for me, my choir friends helped when they realised what happened but it was not easy to get my chair into a car.

”I would like to see taxi firms in Wrexham run services at night that will cater for disabled people.

”If I had been by myself I would have panicked like mad – I would have been stranded and it is not right.

“Without my wheelchair, it is like I have lost my independence again. I can’t go out without it because I can’t physically push it.”

Ms Best’s wheelchair is currently out of action but she is hopeful it will be fixed soon.

Last year, the Leader reported Ms Best was housebound and dependent on her carer to get her out and about.

But Tee Smith, of Mr Tee’s Krazy Konez ice cream van, helped out when he surprised her with an electric wheelchair.

At the time, she told the Leader how the wheelchair had given her back her independence.