The new Deeside Corridor road could end productivity on a farm that has stood since the First World War.

Anne Hodgkinson, who runs Tyn Y Coed Farm with her husband Robert, fears their livelihood could be lost if a new road between the A55 and A548 dissects their land on Starkey Lane, Northop.

Mrs Hodgskinson told the Leader her father-in-law took over running of the farm almost 100 years ago and blasted the plans as “ludicrous.”

In a statement to the Senedd on Tuesday, Ken Skates, Welsh Government cabinet secretary for economy and infrastructure, confirmed that the Welsh Government will adopt the ‘red’ route as the preferred option for the A494/A55/A548 upgrades.

The red route involves a new road between the A55 and A548 via the Flintshire Bridge and a new junction to join the A55 near Northop/Flint Mountain.

A distressed Mrs Hodgkinson said: “Our livelihood will go.

“It will take quite a lot of acres away and affect properties that we have.

“We have 10 cottages on the farm that have been there for 25 years. There's ancient woodland there – it will affect so many people.”

The farm is currently a working business, with milking cows on site, and Mrs Hodgkinson said they would not be able to take in as many cattle if the road goes through their land.

She finds Mr Skates' plans “unbelievable” and called on the Welsh Government to look again at problems surrounding the existing A55 and Aston Hill.

“To build a new road is just ludicrous,” she said.

“Aston Hill just needs another lane and the A55 is a shambles.

“The traffic doesn't back up at Aston Hill. It’s just queuing because it's a 50mph zone.

“The queues start at Halkyn and Northop, at the Little Chef. They really need to think about the A55.”

Mrs Hodgkinson said she expected there to be a public enquiry into the plans given the outcomes on so many communities.

“The impact on Flint itself would be absolutely horrendous,” she said.

“It’s just ludicrous and will affect so many people.”

During questions following the statement on Tuesday, Mr Skates said the Welsh Government would be “working with the communities that will be affected and with those individual landowners and property owners to ensure that there is environmental mitigation and compensation, and that there is compensation for owners of property and land.”