A HEADteacher spoke of her worry that pupils may be offered drugs by youths who hang around her school’s fence.

Last week the Leader reported how concerns were raised by a community councillor about youths taking drugs on a weekday afternoon near Park Community Primary School in Llay.

Amanda Williams, headteacher, told the Leader she agrees with the concerns and that some of those seen taking the drugs have even been at the school themselves as children.

She said: “We’ve taught some of these children. They’re there persistently, right on our perimeter fence which is see through.

“We phone the police if we see them but nothing is getting done about it because they’re still going there. There is also drug paraphernalia being found by parents as a result.

“It is quite intimidating to walk past them and parents don’t want to take their children that way.

“They are often still there when I leave at the end of the day between four and six.

“My worry is that they might try and sell it to the children or give it to them. Hopefully the children are blissfully unaware and ignorant.

“We’re not happy about having this kind of publicity, but hopefully it will get something done about it.”

Llay community councillor John O’Keefe told colleagues at a meeting of the council last week: “I went to get my grandson from school and they were standing there taking drugs at 3.10pm in the afternoon, about 10 feet from the school.

“Then we had to walk back through the woods and they were still there. It is ridiculous.”

PCSO Andy Harris, who was also at the meeting, encouraged members to inform the police of such observations, as the reports would help to build up a pattern and ultimately ensure officers are in the area at the time.