A controversial motion proposing to potentially ban a national newspaper will be debated this week.

Flintshire could become the latest local authority area to shun The Sun newspaper if a notice of motion put before its council is accepted by members.

A notice of motion has been put forward for Flintshire Council to not only stop councillors speaking to the newspaper but prevent its sale in the county entirely.

Deputy leader Cllr Bernie Attridge and Cllr Kevin Hughes have submitted the motion to be debated at the next meeting of the full council on Wednesday.

The proposed suspension of sales and blacklisting of Sun journalists has attracted criticism from the Welsh Conservatives and some media commentators while some residents gave a mixed response online.

The councillors are calling for retailers across the county to stop selling the newspaper and seek to prevent copies of it entering authority premises.

Furthermore, the motion would bar Sun journalists from entering County Hall or any Flintshire Council property.

It has been tabled following the efforts of campaign group TotalEclipseoftheS*n who have made bids to prevent the sale of the newspaper nationwide.

The motion reads: “On 15th April 1989, a disaster at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield led ultimately, to the deaths of 96 innocent fans who had left home that morning to watch a football match.

“Due to crowd control mis-management those fans, whose ages ranged from 10 to 67-years-old, were unlawfully killed. 

“Contrary to the facts, The S*n published a front page story with the banner headline ‘The Truth’ which contained blatant lies.

“Flintshire Council wishes to express its disgust that these slurs on the victims of this disaster were published by a British national newspaper.”

A similar motion was backed by councillors at Cheshire West and Chester Council, banning them from speaking to the newspaper. 

The motion will be debated by the 70-member council on Wednesday at 2pm.