A second town is to debate whether to re-open its High Street to cars.

Members of Buckley Town Council will discuss a proposal to explore whether or not to open its high street to motorists as part of Flintshire Council’s wider car parking strategy.

The local authority has proposed reviewing its pedestrianised zones in Buckley and Holywell in a bid to boost trade.

In a letter to Buckley Town Council, Flintshire Council's network asset manager Mark Middleton said local businesses had made representations to the local authority to review its parking orders and free up the high street to cars.

Debate is ongoing with businesses and community leaders in Holywell over whether a similar approach will be taken.

Mr Middleton wrote: “Flintshire Council's car parking strategy states that every opportunity should be considered to provide on-street short stay car parking in every town.

“However, the pedestrianisation orders in both Buckley and Holywell clearly restricts this provision and consequently offers limited on-street parking within the town centre.”

He added that in “an attempt to support local businesses” it is proposed that pedestrian zones are reviewed to explore the possibility of placing free limited waiting parking places on both high streets.

Should the town council support a change, Mr Middleton said Flintshire Council “can then progress the scheme to a detailed design and formal consultation stage”.

He added however: “Please be aware that there is currently no budget available within Flintshire Council and therefore, further discussions will be required in order to seek alternative funding to implement any agreed changes.”

Pedestrian zones have been in place in Buckley since 2000 and in Holywell since 1992.

Businesses have been left frustrated by the pace of talks in Holywell with the town council yet to vote on the matter.

Members of Buckley Town Council will debate their own proposals at their September meeting tomorrow.