THE NEXT chief executive of Wrexham Council is expected to take a salary of more than £110,000 according to a report.

The council’s current chief executive Dr Helen Paterson tendered her resignation on August 24 in order for her to take up a new post with Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council.

The full council will meet to discuss the recruitment of another chief executive on Wednesday.

According to a report, which will be discussed at the meeting, the salary for the role will be between £111,191 and £127,513 – a range decided on by the council in February.

The report states: “In light of the notice period applicable to this post and the agreed leaving date, it is recommended that interim arrangements are put in place as soon as possible, which will also then enable the permanent recruitment process to take place in a timely way.

“For the interim role, it would be appropriate to appoint someone who can, in particular, oversee and ensure the continued momentum of progress on the Council Plan, its current and improvement priorities and the reshaping programme, leaving any reconsideration of any of these issues until such time as a permanent replacement has been recruited.

“Suitable candidates may be found internally from within the current staff complement or if not, externally through recruitment agencies who specialise in interim placements or through formal advertisement.

“Full council will approve the permanent appointment following a recommendation made by an appointments committee.

“The appointments committee must include at least one member of the executive, but must not comprise of a majority of members of the executive.

“It is recommended the committee membership comprises 10 members, is politically balanced and has the advisory support of the HR and OD manager and the outgoing chief executive for the interim position.”

The document also states the ‘chief executive permanent recruitment campaign’ is recommended to be managed internally at an estimated cost of £14,000 to £20,000 – which does not include the cost of media advertisements but does include ‘potential specialist testing and assessment preparation and analysis’.

Recommendations in the report include the council agrees the process to appoint the chief executive, they approve the role’s job description and that a politically balanced appointments committee of 10 members be appointed.