Despite some ongoing concerns there has been a fall in the number of anti-social behaviour incidents at a village sports facility, community leaders have been told.

The Leader reported in July that the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) next to Llay Resource Centre was to be locked overnight to discourage youths from disturbing residents by using the space into the early hours of the morning.

At a meeting of Llay Community Council on Wednesday, cllr Rob Walsh told members that the situation is still being monitored but there has been an improvement.

He said: “Residents were getting in touch when there were problems. They would contact me constantly but I have not had any contact in recent times.

“I think it wasn’t just the issue with the MUGA, but also the issue of youths parking their cars outside the houses here and gathering.

“Since we locked the gates, effectively what tends to happen now is they park in Market Square so it has created other issues but not as serious as what was happening before.”

But Cllr Pat Taylor told the meeting some problems at the MUGA continue, with youths using litter bins to climb the fences.

She said: “It is happening all the time. We send for the police and nobody comes so nothing is getting done about it.

“They are causing a nuisance and it is not fair to the people that live there.”

PCSO Andy Harris told the meeting: “We would respond but it would not be an immediate response – it depends what we have on.

“We have had no calls for about four weeks so in our minds the situation is getting better, but we were unaware that people were jumping over.

“Someone needs to contact us if that is happening and we will get there as soon as we can.”

Cllr Dave Adams added he felt the MUGA should not be closed over the weekend.

He said: “That is a big resource to take away from children - where can they play?”

Cllr Walsh added: “What is happening is they are locking it on Friday night and not opening it until Monday morning because no one is at the resource centre at the weekend.

“Is there an option in terms of volunteers opening it up at weekends?

“The other option which has been mooted is to keep the gate open at weekends, but there are issues there.

“It is better than it was – when we first trialled it, it was a nightmare.”