NEW life could be breathed into a historic but dilapidated village building.

Plans are afoot to convert the former Temperance tea room in Bridge End, Caergwrle, into five flats.

The proposals lodged with Flintshire Council would bring back into use a site which has been in disrepair for many years.

It once welcomed visitors from as far as Merseyside who were served with non-alcoholic beverages as far back as the early 20th century.

Caergwrle councillor and historian David Healey has welcomed the interest in redeveloping the site – but is looking to gauge opinion from residents about issues such as parking on what is already a very busy road.

Cllr Healey said: “I clearly want something to happen to that building as it’s in a poor state – and anything is obviously better than nothing.

“The issue is with parking. With five flats, you have got to have provision for that, and it’s a really dangerous spot for vehicles as it is.”

He added: “The building is one of a group of three in Caergwrle that were associated with a very active Temperance Movement, the other two being the Queen’s Hotel (Carlton House) and the Workmen’s Hall (Trewynfa) in Derby Road.

“The Temperance tea room was clearly set up in a strategic position, opposite the Bridge Inn and designed to offer an alternative to alcoholic beverage to trippers from Merseyside who got off at Caergwrle Castle and Well Station.

“As such, the building is associated with a key aspect of local social history.

“I’ve been working with officers of Flintshire Council to ensure that something happens about it.

“We now have planning application which involves the conversion of the building and an extension to redevelop as five flats.

“I can understand that the property owners will want to recover costs from the expense involved in making this building secure from flooding and carrying out the extensive work involved.

“However car parking and the coming and going of vehicles by the bridge, which has already been damaged several times, are clearly issues.”