Customers are outraged that they have been left with only one cash point on their high street.

Holywell councillors are now looking to install new cash machines following a number of complaints.

It comes after the closure of three large bank branches on Holywell High Street in the past year, leaving residents having to wait in increasingly longer queues for the sole remaining ATM at Santander, the town’s only surviving bank.

Martin Fearnley, community engagement officer for Holywell Town Council said: “We are looking at the opportunity to certainly get one, if not two cash points on the High Street.

“The first port of call will be trying to find a building to slot the machine into.

“A meeting will be held next week where we will be asking local businesses if they would like to offer their premises to hold an ATM.”

Conversations are being held between the council and installment company Cash Zone, and Mr Fearnley assured residents that it is “all being worked on”.

The first ATM shutdown came after the closure of the Barclays branch in November 2016.

The situation was further worsened when HSBC Holywell closed in May this year followed by the decision to close the NatWest branch in June.

Despite the shutting down of three major branches in seven months, the council wish to remind people that it is also possible to withdraw cash from the post office at the top of the High Street.