More than 100 requests have been made for speed limits to be reviewed across Flintshire.

The local authority's environment overview and scrutiny committee is to consider a report detailing progress on addressing inconsistencies associated with speed limit

A commitment was made by Flintshire Council's cabinet in September 2016 to review the inconsistencies and create a single consolidated speed limit order (SCSLO).

Councillors were asked to highlight speed limit concerns within their own wards and as a result, more than 100 requests for speed limit reviews were received.

A number of key actions have since been completed as the council moves towards the creation of the SCSLO, including the creation of simplified order writing process and a mapping exercise that accurately records the position of all existing speed limits.

All members' requests were assessed against Department for Transport (DfT) criteria to determine if changes to the existing speed limit could be made.

A commitment was also given to review all existing speed limits within the county over a five-year period to ensure they comply with DfT criteria once the SCSLO is in place.

However this process has been brought forward following reviews of sections of the road network identified by members.

It is anticipated that the SCSLO will be advertised during week commencing October 16 for a statutory period of 21 days, with a view to advertising the consolidation in March 2018.

Following that, the county-wide review of the individual speed limits will begin.

All speed limits will be available to the public to view in an
easy-to-read map.

They will be available at main libraries as well as being available on the council’s website.

Cllr Carolyn Thomas, cabinet member for Streetscene and Countryside said: “Inaccuracies existed within some of the current speed limit orders.

“This was due to changes to features of the highway network which were used to locate the start and end of some of the original orders.

“In moving towards a single consolidated speed limit order, we have been able to simplify a previously over-complicated process and make more effective use of resources to address the current inaccuracies.

“The creation of an electronic map based system will play a key role in moving away from the archaic written order process.

“It will allow the authority’s speed limits to be both viewed and advertised within a simple and easy to understand map based format.

“I’d like to thank council members for their contributions to this review which have allowed us to make good, steady and thorough progress.”