Changes to locations where dogs are permitted to be walked have not been advertised enough.

That was the view of Lesley Povey, from Sandycroft, who has met with other annoyed dog owners over Flintshire Council's dog control public space protection order (PSPO).

Councillors are due to debate changes to the new PSPO following a period of consultation in June.

Residents overwhelmingly supported the complete exclusion of dogs from a defined area or keeping dogs on leads on in certain open spaces at all times, such as children’s play areas and other formal recreation areas, but argued that an apparent lack of alternative areas for dogs to be exercised meant marked sports pitches could not be included in any ban.

A decision will be taken on the PSPO on Tuesday. Meanwhile, a group of dog walkers held a public meeting on the plans in Sandycroft.

Ms Povey said the plans had not been circulated enough to residents.

“Flintshire Council have posted on their social media website, but a lot of Sandycroft people who walk their dogs are elderly, and most don’t have Facebook,” she said.

“They haven’t put any signs up in the village.”

It is expected that councillors will back proposals to allow marked sports pitches to still be used by dog walkers.

Ms Povey said, however: “It’s difficult for people to know, because how can a dog see the edge of a playing field?

“My daughter has been approached by wardens when she was walking on the field.

“They said, ‘you do know as of October you won’t be allowed to walk your dog here?”

“I want people to be aware that there is a law in place, not just for here, but the whole of Flintshire.”