Work to help the homeless community is continuing, a senior councillor has said.

In a statement released yesterday, a Wrexham Council spokesman said a small group of people on the former Groves site in the town has been the focal point of joint work between council, police, health and charity workers in recent weeks – with outreach workers continuing to engage them.

In addition to the outreach work, security patrols were continuing day and night to help keep the site and building safe while police continued to respond to calls and patrol the area.

The spokesman added: “Over the past week a couple of tents have been spotted on other parts of the site – away from the small managed area close to Chester Road where the majority of tents are situated.

“Outreach workers have been out to talk with the people in these tents, who are homeless, and are trying to help them find accommodation.

“The majority of people sleeping on the site are continuing to stay in the area close to Chester Road. The numbers overnight have remained around 10 or less, but numbers have varied during the day.”

Cllr Hugh Jones, Wrexham Council’s lead member for communities, partnerships, public protection and community safety, said: “Most of them have complex needs, including substance misuse and we’re trying to persuade them to accept help, rather than just push them – and the problem – straight on to another part of town.

“The site isn’t suitable and it’s not a good situation for anyone – including the people sleeping there, or nearby residents who are understandably worried.

“Sooner or later the situation will have to change, but it’ll have to be done properly and we’re trying to engage as many people as possible on-site before that happens.”