Work to address anti-social driving blighting a community has been welcomed.

County councillor Paul Rogers has praised work carried out in the Brymbo and Tanyfron area by North Wales Police under Operation Snap.

Wrexham Rural neighbourhood policing team has been working to address anti-social driving in the village, including cars, bikes and mopeds.

Residents are being urged to contact their local PCSO with details of vehicle registrations and/or footage such as from dash cams and photographs.

Warning notices can be issued under section 59 of the Police Reform Act.

Cllr Rogers said: “The ongoing work in the Brymbo and Tanyfron areas is very much welcomed.

“Recently I’ve received many complaints about anti-social driving in the community and I’m pleased North Wales Police have been acting on information provided.

“It is important that if residents have concerns that they provide details to the Police so that they can act.”

Under the initiative, North Wales Police is working with Wrexham Council’s housing department to take action against tenants found to be undertaking anti social driving in their communities.