JUSTICE ministers must move to ensure that Wrexham Magistrates Court remains viable once the town’s current police station closes. 

That is the view of Wrexham MP Ian Lucas, who wants answers over plans for custody cells to serve the court, but has warned that proposals from the UK Government have yet to be unveiled – despite the imminent closure of the police station nearby.

The current Wrexham police site in Bodhyfryd is expected to close next year, and work is well under way on a regional police headquarters in Llay, with the site expected to be operational by August next year.

Mr Lucas said: “Within the year, North Wales Police expect to have moved from their current headquarters to the new station in Llay.

“This move will have major implications for both the Bodhyfryd site and for the provision of justice in North-East Wales.

“Wrexham Magistrates Court has already been the subject of critical reports for its custody provision and the Government knows something needs to be done.

“Ministers also know that the police are set to have moved from their current site next to the court in a year’s time.

“Yet, despite a series of questions about their plans, we know more about the proposals by developers for the
Bodhyfryd site once it is no longer a police station than we do about the Government’s plans to update the Magistrates Court facilities that that closure will affect.

“The Government, despite repeated questions about what they intend to do, seem to be no further forward with just 12 months to go. We need clarity from them about what their plans are for Wrexham – and we need it quickly.”