A 73-year-old says a “good Samaritan”  restored his faith in humanity after handing in his lost wallet.

Barry Buxton, of Northop Hall, lost his wallet on Thursday, August 24, but he is not sure where or at what point between Thursday and Friday morning.

He searched everywhere he could to try and find it and was helped by staff at Home Bargains in Connah’s Quay who searched through CCTV footage to see if he had dropped it during his shopping trip with his wife Carol.

Mr Buxton had lost all hope of finding the wallet so he had to cancel his cards just in case someone had picked it up.

After going out with his wife the next day, he returned home to find his wallet had been posted through the letter box of his home.

The 73-year-old said: “I was absolutely gobsmacked. I never expected to see it again. Whoever has posted it must have got the address from my driver’s licence.

“I said to my wife – and I know it’s awful to say so – but nowadays you don’t expect people to be so kind. And everything was in place too.

”There are still some good people out there.”