A campaigner who was denied a place on a community council because of procedural reasons has applied to fill its latest vacancy.

In May's local elections Donna Edwards was elected to join Queensferry Community Council for the municipal year 2017-18.

But as she did not sign the declaration of office in time, Mrs Edwards has been prohibited from sitting on the local body.

As there is now a new vacancy on the community council, Mrs Edwards has put forward her candidacy for a second time.

In a letter to the town clerk, Mrs Edwards said: “With living in the area all of my life, I’m very aware of the needs and problems that the local residents face.

“My youngest child has behavioural problems and requires additional needs, this has given me a close insight on the difficulties that other families also face on a day-to-day basis.

“I have helped care for people with mental health issues and also those who have been subjected to domestic violence. This is something I feel very strongly about and would focus a lot on as I feel many people need to be made more aware of mental health issues and how it affects the community.”

Mrs Edwards told the Leader earlier this year she was unable to attend the first meeting of the community council after May's election – which is usually when members are sworn in – and attended the June 9 meeting of the community council with her declaration expecting it to be ratified.

She was then informed that because there had not been a declaration she could not attend the meeting as a councillor, so she promptly left.

Stating why she should be considered to join the community council, Mrs Edwards said she holds a “passionate interest” in the community, citing efforts to save John Summers High School, work on community radio and fundraising for charity.

She added: “I believe I would be the ideal candidate for this role because I’m an extremely
pro-active and passionate person.

“I enjoy getting involved with the community and helping/volunteering with community projects. If my application is successful, I would value and respect my position and would be honoured to represent the local area on the community council.”

The co-option of a new member to the community council will be considered at its next monthly meeting on September 12.