A football club chairman has had to step down “due to sudden ill health”.

Allan Botterell has confirmed that he has left his position as chairman of Buckley Town FC with immediate effect.

He is now appealing for someone to come forward to take over the role to help ensure the club’s survival.

In a statement, Mr Botterell said: “I have had no choice in the matter due to unexpected surgery that is scheduled this week.

“It has been a very difficult decision to make, suddenly finding myself in this position and then having been advised by my consultant that my recovery will take some time to complete.

“Having overseen an immense transformation, both physically and financially, in the club during these last three seasons, I am hoping that someone will now step forward to take on the tasks to ensure the club’s survival.”

Mr Botterell added that supporters and sponsors of the Welsh National League Premier Division club should know that the side remains in ‘safe hands’.

At an extra-ordinary meeting last week the committee confirmed that they now urgently need a “financially astute” chairman to carry out the everyday responsibilities that are part and parcel of the club.

The outgoing chairman added: “We have struggled to find volunteers willing to take on responsibilities throughout my time as chairman and treasurer, but the situation is now quite critical.

“I would be devastated if the hard work of the willing few is lost due to my departure.

“Our encouraging 4-0 win on Saturday against Hawarden Rangers made everything that we have worked worthwhile and I am hoping that this signals the start of a successful season on the pitch.”