A businessman who ran an illegal waste operation where there was a major fire, has been ordered to surrender his passport to police while a £694,000 confiscation order and £58,000 costs are paid.

Peter Ogg, 60, who had been a director of Lancashire Fuels 4U and previously received a suspended jail term, has three months to pay.

A Caernarfon Crown Court judge made a confiscation order for £433,500 against fellow director Richard Paul Baison, 65, and a costs order of £58,000.

Tim Jones, of Natural Resources Wales (NRW), said: ”The actions taken by Mr Baison and Mr Ogg led to at least two fires at the Saltney site which placed the health of local people at risk as well as causing environmental pollution to the surrounding area and nearby River Dee.

“The directors were informed the company required a permit to carry out the proposed activities on site and it could operate on a limited scale as long as it adhered to the strict conditions regarding the type of waste stored on the site.

“They chose to ignore this advice and illegally imported mixed waste on to the site – a decision taken purely for financial gain.

“We will always try to work with companies to make sure they comply with the conditions in their permit. But in cases like this we have to step in and take legal action to ensure the safety of the local environment and community and create a level playing field for responsible businesses.

“NRW has supported the site owner in the removal of all waste to ensure the site no longer poses any threat to the environment.”