RSPCA Cymru has rescued a number of tiny Wrexham kittens, so young their umbilical cords were still attached.

Two kittens, likely feral, were saved on Tuesday last week and two more on Thursday.

On the first occasion, RSPCA inspectors Kia Thomas and Tim Jones were called to Wrexham Industrial Estate, where a kitten less than 24-hours-old had been spotted at a recycling plant amid heavy machinery and traffic.

The mother was nowhere to be seen and RSPCA Cymru nicknamed the first kitten Skippy.

A few hours later a second kitten was found, from the same litter.

Two more young kittens were collected by the charity from the Industrial Estate two days later, both of which also still had their umbilical cords attached.

Sadly, one of the kittens found on August 10 was judged by a vet to be too poorly to survive, and had to be put to sleep to prevent further suffering.

However, the other three were paired with a cat who had recently given birth to other kittens and all – happily – were accepted by her.

It is unclear what happened to the original mother of the kittens.

Kia Thomas, RSPCA inspector, said: “These tiny kittens were so young their umbilical cords were still attached.

“Sadly, it is unclear what happened to the mother of the kittens, but the poor little things were clearly separated from her. The mother, unfortunately, was nowhere to be seen.

“One of the kittens was so poorly that a vet found they had to be put to sleep on welfare grounds – but the other three we rescued were happily paired, via our Bryn-Y-Maen Animal Centre, with another cat who had recently had kittens.”

A spokesman for the RSPCA added: “If you wish to help the RSPCA, you can give £3 now by texting LOVE to 87023 (text costs £3 + one standard network rate message).

”We are a charity and rely on public donations to exist.”