A man carried out random attacks on strangers on two separate occasions.

In the first incident he assaulted two vulnerable women in Wrexham town centre and then attacked their support worker when he intervened.

While at large, Andrius Bardasovas, 26, attacked another man in Wrexham, biting him to the side of the head.

Bardasovas claimed he could remember nothing about what had happened.

The defendant said he had only drunk two cans and that someone must have given him drugs without him realising it.

Bardasovas, a Lithuanian national at the time living at Maesgwyn Road in Wrexham but who told a court yesterday he was now of no fixed address, admitted four assault charges and one count of failing to attend court.

The defendant was jailed for 26 weeks and ordered to pay £250 compensation – £100 to a
woman who had hair pulled out and £50 each to the other three victims.

Magistrates said they were sustained and repeated attacks, which were unprovoked, on vulnerable witnesses.

There was also the use of weapons – feet and teeth – and it happened in a public place where anyone could have witnessed it, including children and elderly people.

They said the public had to be protected and he was assessed as a risk to the public.

Prosecutor Justin Espie said they were two separate instances “of completely unprovoked, random attacks on members of the public”.

The first occurred at about 6.45pm on July 5 at Llwyn Isaf in Rhosddu Road, when two vulnerable women were with their support worker.

One was sitting opposite the library reading when the defendant started running around in front of her, shouting and swearing.

Bardasovas was said to have a vacant look on his face and was described as being “totally out of control”. 

The victim thought it may be down to some sort of drug.

Bardasovas ran towards her, kicked her to the shoulder, and she fell backwards.

She lost a clump of hair when it was pulled by the defendant.

Her friend shouted at him to stop but he shouted and screamed into her face.

She was kicked “directly to the face” causing a bleeding lip and to the thigh causing pain.

Their support worker shouted to the defendant: “What are you doing, get off them”.

A member of the public punched the defendant to the face and he backed off with his hands up – but punched the air several times.

Bardasovas left before the police arrived, was arrested and charged – but failed to turn up at Wrexham Magistrates Court on August 9, when a warrant was issued for his arrest.

But while at large Bardasovas attacked another man at 8.35am on August 13 in Queens Square, Wrexham.

Police were called and found the defendant being detained on the floor by members of the public as he kicked out and shouted.

It turned out that a man had been assaulted by being bitten to the side of the head.

They ended up scuffling on the floor.

The defendant was vomiting and was taken to hospital where he was then arrested.

Defending solicitor Phillip Lloyd Jones said his client did not normally take drugs

“He will in future be more cautious what he receives from friends in respect of cigarettes and the like,” he said.

It was very distressing that for no reason people had been punched and kicked.

“He is saddened by his conduct. They did not provoke him in any shape or form and he is ashamed,” said Mr Lloyd Jones.

Bardasovas’ recollection was non-existent but the court heard that thankfully the injuries inflicted were not serious.

Probation officer Andrew Connah said Bardasovas, who had been in the UK for three years, accepted full responsibility but had no memory.

The first he knew about it was when he was arrested. 

He had only drunk two cans of alcohol.

“Therefore he believed that someone must have given him some kind of illegal drug,” said Mr Connah.

“But he does not know what it was.”

Bardasovas had recently lost his job and his accommodation which was owned by his employer and while he lived in the Wrexham area at present was willing to travel anywhere in the country to obtain work.