AN historic brand synonymous with Wrexham is “back with a vengeance” after earning its place among the world’s best beers.

Martyn Lewis, microbiologist and honorary president at Wrexham Lager, and head brewer Ian Dale were delighted that the beer had received a silver medal at the Concours International de Lyon.

He said: “I think shows that it’s premium product. It’s nice to know that Wrexham’s got a premium product with the name Wrexham on it.

“I’m very proud to be associated with it and I know Ian is, like everybody here is.”

Wrexham Lager was originally established in 1882 by German Ivan Levinstein and Otto Isler and over the years – with various owners at the helm – it became part of the fabric of town life.

Owners Carlsberg moved brewing of the iconic brand out of Wrexham in 2000 and production ended altogether in 2002.

The Roberts family oversaw Wrexham Lager’s revival in 2011 and the company, which employs six people, operates from a state-of-the-art brewery built by German manufacturers Caspar Schultz at St George’s Crescent.

This year, some 6,550 beers, wines and spirits from 36 countries took part in the prestigious Concours International de Lyon competition.

Brewers had 54 categories in which to enter their beers this year, with juries tasting them under optimal conditions.

The beer is sold as in Japan and is soon to be available on a trial basis with a Canadian supermarket chain.

Martyn Lewis said that the company has maintained the beer’s character.

“It has a distinct character that local people have grown to know and love and if you don’t get it right, they wouldn’t be drinking it in the way they are at the moment,” he said

Of the brand’s importance to the town, he added: “It’s one of the things that older people in Wrexham relate to. We lost it for a while and it’s come back with a vengeance.”

The company is looking to secure a gold award in next year’s competition.