A THIEF stole from a disabled woman as she withdrew money from a cash machine.

Stephanie Leanne Jones, 26, of Ffordd Siarl, Leeswood, admitted theft when she appeared from custody at Wrexham Magistrates Court.

Justin Espie, prosecuting, said Jones stole £10 in cash from a woman who had just used the ATM machine on Mold High Street.

Mr Espie said: “Although this was a low value theft it took place at midday, the defendant grabbed £10 from the victim, which during police interview she told officers friends had told her to take – so that she could buy drugs for them.

“It has had a big impact on the victim, who has a walking stick and is clearly vulnerable.”

In a personal statement read out by Mr Espie, the victim said: “I am a disabled member of the community.

“When I was five years-old I had part of my brain removed due to epilepsy and the result is that I am disabled down my left side.

“The day of this incident has had a big impact on the way I live my life.

“I cried uncontrollably for several minutes when it happened, members of the public came to help and one man gave me £10 out of his own pocket.”

The victim added that she had family and friends living in the town but that “I do not ever want to attend Mold again” and she now has trouble sleeping.

Jones, representing herself, pleaded with district judge Gwyn Jones not to send her back to prison and said she had given up drugs and offending.

Mr Jones said: “This was an unpleasant incident in which you took £10 from a person who was clearly vulnerable and this has had a significant impact on them.

“It is clear that you then handed the cash to another party, and the vulnerable party is now badly affected by what you have done, causing them to be wary of entering Mold.

“I will order compensation but no amount can cover the trauma and psychological impact caused by this offence.”

Jones was given a 90 day prison sentence, suspended for 12 months.

She will pay £100 compensation to the victim and will be subject to an electronically tagged curfew for eight weeks at her partners address in Prince of Wales Court, Buckley.

Jones will also pay £85 costs.