An investigation has brought an animal rescue centre “kicking and screaming” into the 21st century, according to its boss.

Earlier this year the Charity Commission confirmed it had launched an official probe into dealings at Capricorn Animal Rescue Centre in Padeswood, near Mold.

As six months under the spotlight passed this week, centre operator Sheila Stewart said things remained “exactly the same” and support for the under fire site remained strong.

The Charity Commission confirmed in February it had opened a statutory inquiry into Capricorn and the rescue centre’s bank accounts had been frozen as a result of the investigation.

This was the latest blow for the centre after it was caught up in controversy following an undercover investigation carried out by BBC Wales last year.

Mrs Stewart said: “It’s been a struggle, obviously.

“It took a lot of change to get into the rhythm but we’re working together.

“It’s brought us into the 21st century kicking and screaming and life is a lot easier because we’ve streamlined everything.”

The charity was the subject of an undercover investigation by BBC Wales’ Week In Week Out programme in which an undercover volunteer who visited the centre over a period of 10 days said she found dirty conditions, a lack of water and a lack of effective disease control.

The broadcast prompted the Charity Commission to monitor the situation at Capricorn and it subsequently launched a full investigation on February 9.

Officials are investigating whether trustees have properly exercised their duties and responsibilities under charity law and in particular their duty to account for the charity’s funds.

Mrs Stewart said she and the team at Capricorn had complied fully with the investigation and still counted on the support they had received previously.

She said: “We’re still taking in and rehoming animals every single day and have the support of a lot of people.

“We’re out fundraising every day to keep the charity going through the year and 90 per cent of our members are still with us.

“It’s exactly the same and in a way, I’m relieved it’s happened.”