A BUCKLEY woman who went shoplifting while subject to a suspended prison sentence has been jailed.

Charlotte Hollie Johnson, 32, cried and called out “please, no, no” as she was taken to the cells.

Johnson, of Elm Grove, who had previous convictions for 65 offences, admitted stealing meat to the value of £44 from the Aldi store in Buckley on July 6.

She was jailed for two weeks for the theft – and six weeks of a previous suspended sentence for theft was activated consecutively – making eight weeks in all.

Magistrates told her she had a shocking criminal record which included a number of breaches of court orders.

Prosecutor Rhian Jackson told how the defendant was challenged when she took meat from the chiller.

The goods were recovered, she was detained and arrested when the police arrived.

Interviewed, she told how she had been in hospital, had come out and had no benefits, and wanted money for her son’s birthday present.

Brian Cross, defending, said that she had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity after admitting to police what she had done.

It was a low value theft which she committed in order to get money to buy her son a birthday present.

She was some three quarters way through the suspended sentence order imposed last October.

The main plus in her life was that she now, for the first time, had stable accommodation.

Her son was being cared for by a member of her family and she was working towards having him back.

She had various issues in her life and at the time had been suffering from an infection – a life-threatening condition which meant that she was transferred from Wrexham to Walton Hospital in Liverpool.

Mr Cross said that she was on medication when she committed the offence and she could not cope.

She had support in the community, was getting back on her feet and with the aid of her stable accommodation was getting her life back on track.

There were no alcohol or drug issues at the present time and he asked the court to give her a chance.