CONCERNS have been raised that parents are being “kept in the dark” over the suspension of school staff.

Before the summer break, it is claimed, two members of staff were suspended from Ysgol Morgan Llwyd but according to John Morris, an education consultant and former Ofsted inspector, parents are concerned at the lack of information from the school management team and local authority.

He said there were rumours flying around regarding the reasons for the staff members being suspended and added it was up to the local authority to be clear as to what had happened.

Mr Morris said: “Parents and guardians of children at the school require clarification as a matter of priority regarding the inappropriate behaviour or actions from professionals at the school which has resulted, apparently, in their suspension from duties.

“Parents are naturally concerned at the current situation where no information is forthcoming from the school management team or officers of the local authority.

Mr Morris raised concerns there could have been safeguarding issues and questioned whether the school and local authority ensured that levels of staff behaviour relating to learners’ physical and emotional safety has been of a high standard.

He also called for clarification on what the local authority has to offer additional support to the current “temporary” senior management team at the school during this difficult period.

Mr Morris added: “In view of the recent suspension of two members of staff , following on from the Estyn report which resulted in “increased monitoring of the school’s performance, the local authority must ensure that the support for the inexperienced management team will be appropriate in order to have the necessary impact upon current levels of performance.

“The parents need to know as a matter of priority when a new permanent headteacher will be appointed.

“Parents of pupils at the school urgently need correct information rather than rumour regarding reasons for staff suspensions and assurances from the local authority that an interim support plan will be in place as a matter of urgency.”

In May, the Leader reported Mr Morris had voiced concerns about the position of headteacher Carwyn Davies, who had been on secondment to the local authority for nearly six months before he eventually resigned.

That followed an Estyn report which found the school has made insufficient progress on recommendations made after an inspection.

Officials said the school needed to make significant improvements.

Lead member for education, Cllr Phil Wynn, said at the time that the local authority had been working with regional support services to assist the school in addressing the Estyn recommendations.

The Leader approached the council to confirm two staff members had been suspended but a Wrexham Council spokesman said: “It would not be appropriate to comment on individual confidential employment-related matters at county borough schools.”