A PRIMARY school headteacher has spoken out over the “mindless actions” of vandals who have struck during the summer holidays.

Gavin Cass, headteacher at Ysgol Maesglas in Greenfield, said he was very frustrated to find damage to planters and outdoor equipment at the Fulbrooke area school.

Parents have also expressed their anger at mindless vandals getting into school property, describing it as “disgraceful”.

Concerns have also been voiced about the potential for injuries from individuals accessing the school grounds.

Mr Cass said: “Over the holidays we are having issues with people on site outside of school hours.

“We host the Flintshire Play scheme for two hours each morning to try and keep the children active and busy.

“Last week I arrived at school to find damage to planters which were thrown and tipped over in our Nursery outdoor area.

“Tyres and baskets were also thrown down the external stairs.

“I am very frustrated that people could do this to a school who care and give so much to our families and the local community.”

Mr Cass said parents and members of the community had been vigilant since the initial reports of people entering the school grounds and had contacted him immediately online via the school’s Twitter account.

“I had reports and direct messages on social media reporting loads of people on school grounds and real concerns that someone will get hurt,” he added.

“We do appreciate the support from people keeping an eye out for us and encourage them to continue to report any anti-social behaviour. 

“As a school we work hard to give the children the best opportunities and they love coming to school, so it is hard when we are targeted by mindless actions.

“I have contacted the police and they are carrying out patrols in the area.”

Some parents went online to express their anger with one calling the damage “just awful”, while another wrote: “Afraid there are lots of children playing about on school grounds at the moment.

“Scared someone is going to get hurt.”