A MUM has spoken of her anger after she claims a council has refused to collect her disabled daughter’s used nappies.

Jayne Davies, of Green Meadows in New Broughton, said Wrexham Council always used to collect the nappies used by her 23-year-old daughter Emma Tonna, who has cerebral palsy and is incontinent.

But she said the collections stopped when Emma returned home after a three-year college course last year – and she said she has not been able to reach an agreement with the authority on resuming the service, leaving her with bags of used nappies which aren’t being collected.

She told the Leader: “She used to be on a clinical waste collection every fortnight. She has been home from college a year now and in that year I have had the ongoing issue of the waste not being collected.

“I have been told that where she was taken off the list they are unable to put her back on, so I have been told to squash them in the bin.

“I can only get so much in with house waste. They had to replace one bin because it split from forcing everything in.

“Then I was told to leave any clinical waste by the side of the bin with a note on it asking the binmen to collect it, which I have been doing and it is still not getting collected so where does that leave me?

“It is getting left on the drive and we’ve got birds pecking at the bag and ripping the dirty nappies out. It is disgusting. I don’t understand, they used to collect it.

“They do still come on to my estate. What is the hardship with them reversing a little bit to collect Emma’s waste?

“I am feeling angry to be honest. It is not a lot to ask, they’re not having to go out of their way.

“She is incontinent and has always been wheelchair bound. She can’t use the toilet.

“I have done everything they have asked me to do and the end result is the same. It has gone on too long now and it’s not on.”

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “An officer will visit Ms Davies’ home to assess whether or not a clinical waste collection would be suitable for her and if she would be eligible.”