A crackdown on people meeting for sex around woodland in a rural community has been launched by police.

Signs have been put up by North Wales Police in the area around woodland near Kinnerton Old Road in Penymynydd stating that patrols were being stepped up to “monitor the situation”.

Police said the signs were providing advice “in conjunction with the gay community”.

The signs state: “North Wales Police, in partnership with the gay community, seek to give the following advice.

“Complaints have been received concerning the conduct/anti-social behaviour of certain individuals at this location.

“A police presence will be maintained in order to monitor the situation.”

Police said the increase in patrols followed after a rise in complaints from people living locally about people engaging in sexual activity in the area.

Sgt Mavis Evans, of North Wales Police, said: “We have put these signs up following numerous reports from concerned residents that sexual activity is openly taking place in these areas, which is an offence.”

Penyffordd councillor Cindy Hinds said the issue had been ongoing for several years. She said: “It does not reflect nicely on the area when things like this are taking place in the woods nearby.

“People go there to walk their dogs and are there with their kids and to come across this is not very pleasant.

“They are not being discreet about what they are doing.”

Cllr Hinds said she believed the area had been listed on the internet for people to meet up to take part in sexual activity.

She said: “It is welcome that the police are taking action but this is online as well.

“I think the internet needs monitoring a lot more. There are all sorts on there and it has got a lot to answer for.

“People are being told to come here when there are children with parents and people with dogs walking through the woods.”