A supermarket giant says it is still looking at plans to bring a new store to Flintshire.

Sainsbury’s said it continues to look at ambitious proposals to bring a branch to Mold, despite major delays and difficulties with the plans.

The company said it was “continuing to look at our plan” for the store on the site of the former KwikSave supermarket.

Legal wranglings over “public rights to land” have hampered progress being made, with many in the town questioning whether the store will ever arrive.

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s previously said: “We have worked hard to open a new shop in Mold.

“Unfortunately, someone has claimed public rights to land we own which has meant we have been unable to progress our plans for a new store.

“Despite discussions we have been unable to resolve the problem and have now referred the matter to our solicitors.”

Sainsbury’s managers have previously stated the proposed
store and linked petrol station
could bring 300 jobs to the town, which already has six
supermarkets including a large Tesco store nearby.

While work is stalled, the car park on the site remains out of use for members of the public. It was shut by the compay following issues with vandalism and unauthorised access to the site.

Several concerns have been raised that the proposal will never come to fruition.