A Man has been showered with praise and well wishes after turning his life around.

Yesterday the Leader told of how Mark Prandle, 51, a well-known face in Wrexham for the wrong reasons, had shunned begging, drug-taking and homelessness to embrace family life as a grandfather.

He has gained employment, his own accommodation and thanked his family and police officer Dave Bates for support when he decided to make a change after receiving a letter from his daughter.

The Leader’s social media site has been inundated with heartfelt messages within hours of Mr Prandle’s story story going online.

Here is a selection of the comments from the Leader’s Facebook page:

Angela Baines said: “What a true inspiration to anyone of any age.

”This guy has really dragged himself out of the depths of despair and made a life for himself.

”Well done Mark and well done PC Bates for believing in him. They both deserve a medal.”

Leah Jones said: “Had shivers reading this. What an inspiration. Well done Marky.”

Anna Moccia added: “Wow, what a transformation. Be very proud of yourself. You have a whole new life ahead of you with your lovely family. All the best.”

Jane Redman said: “What a lovely story. Well done Mark and well done to PC Bates for never giving up on him.”

John Thompson said: “Well done turning your life round. Stories like these show nothing is impossible. All the best for the future mate.”

Hannah Chadwick added: “Good for him. He always was such a nice guy and so polite, despite his troubles. I’m glad he’s now looking forward to a new chapter in his life.”

Angela Louise-Faulkner said: “Astounded Mr Prandle. Well done you.

”I hope I see you in town to shake your hand one day. You’re an example that anyone can do it.”

Gail Colley said: “What a fantastic achievement from a gentleman.

”It goes to show how family are important and how we need them! Good on you pal, you deserve some praise.”