The Prince of Wales visited Wrexham to open the head office of a telephone answering service.

Prince Charles arrived in the town to officially open the office of Moneypenny, off the Western Gateway, on Friday morning.

After being greeted first by dignitaries – including Wrexham mayor Cllr John Pritchard, Deputy Lord Lieutenant Lloyd Fitzhugh, High Sherrif of Clwyd Charlotte Howard and Lesley Griffiths AM –  and then by members of the public waving flags, he was welcomed into the office by Moneypenny founders Ed Reeves and Rachel Clacher.

The heir to the throne was taken on a tour of the headquarters to discover more about the company – which provides telephone answering, switchboard, live chat and social media services to companies of all sizes – and to see facilities including a treehouse meeting room, built-in pub, table tennis tables and more.

After having the chance to speak with Prince Charles, Les and Pauline Warner from Ruabon – who came to see the visit with grandchildren, Catrin, six, and three-year-old Iestyn – said: “It was the first time we’ve met him. He was very nice.

“He was very easy to speak to and we think it was a good opportunity for the children to see him. They have been very excited.”

Team manager Ashleigh
Tatton demonstrated how a call was received, with Prince Charles listening via a separate headset.

Ms Tatton said: “He was very nice, very friendly and he put me at ease. I was a little nervous, but quite excited. It was more the apprehension.”

Sophie McGarrity told Prince Charles about Moneypenny’s
‘We Mind The Gap’ scheme – a
six-month trainee programme designed to give young women more opportunities in life and in work.

She said: “It was amazing, I was nervous but also really excited.

“He seemed like he was very interested.”

Kelsey Ashworth, team leader for the Canal and River Trust team, explained how the department handled calls for the charity of which Prince Charles is a patron.

She said: “It is the fifth year anniversary of the name for the Canal and River Trust – prior to this they were British Waterways, a statutory corporation.

“It was an amazing feeling. With him being a patron it was such an amazing opportunity to show him what we do.

“We showed him how it works, how we handle social media, what projects the trust has on at the moment that Moneypenny are part of.”

Speaking to staff members before unveiling a commemorative stone to mark the office opening, Prince Charles said: “It has been an enormous pleasure to join you for this short moment to see the work of Moneypenny and I’m fascinated to discover what you all do.”

Moneypenny co-founder Ed Reeves said afterwards: "In no way did today disappoint in terms of reaction from the people.

“Today has been a seal of approval.

“The offices were designed to reflect the needs and wants of our staff.

“We wanted to create the happiest workplace in the land, here in Wrexham.

“He was excited to see so many people so engaged in going about their daily work.”

Co-founder Ms Clacher said: “We couldn’t be more pleased. He certainly was saying as he left how happy and engaged people are.

“It has been a privilege to welcome him here.”